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CRLS Research Guide

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Big6 Skills™ Step Three

Location and Access

Ask these questions:

Where do I go to find each of the sources I want to use?

The Pearl K. Wise Library at CRLS has a wide variety of sources in print and electronic format. It is open before and after school most days. Ask at the library for the current hours.

The Cambridge Public Library is right next door and it also has neighborhood branches all around the city. If you don't have a library card to borrow books from there, go to their front desk with some proof of your name and address (a school schedule or the envelope from a letter mailed to you) and say you would like to get a library card. There's no charge for a card or to borrow books and other sources.

Organize your time so you use all the sources in one place together, so you don't have to keep going back to a place again.

Write the location next to each source in your list, if you know it. Ask a librarian or your teacher, if you're not sure.


How can I find what I need in these places?

You need to use an online catalog in the library to find what you need. The Cambridge Public Library and the Pearl K. Wise Library have online catalogs that you can search from this computer by clicking on these links.


NOTE: The Pearl K. Wise Library catalog can only be searched from a computer inside of the CRLS building.


Who can help me if I don't know how to use the online catalog or find what I need?

Any librarian or library assistant will be happy to help you. Just ask them.


How do I find the information I need within the sources?

1. How is the information in the source organized?

Helpful Hint: Every source has its own system of organization. Check out the way each one is organized when you start using it. Look for the index and table of contents. Get help if you need it. After a while, you will learn how to use a wide variety of sources.

Is it in alphabetical order like a dictionary or encyclopedia?


Or is there an index or table of contents you can use to find the pages you need?

Is it an electronic source like a cd-rom on the computer where you use a search screen?

Or are you using the Internet and have to find a search engine or know the URL (address) of the site.

2. How will I know what to look for in the sources?

Go back to your list of key words and key phrases. These are the words you will use to look up information in the sources.


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