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CRLS Research Guide

Feedback from Students and Teachers

Thank you so much for detailing the steps for research projects! My daughter is just now needing to learn the process, but she was getting frustrated by the simplistic "read up, write notes, make an outline, write a paper" instruction and I wasn't sure how else to explain it myself. She needed a step-by-step instruction manual to keep her focused, and you have provided the perfect one! A list of steps, further detail if needed, examples... it's all there! THANK YOU!! LO

thank you so very much for sharing your site with me. I like your features because a kid can delve as deeply as they wish with your system of clicks.    David Loertscher

Thank you for your website... it has helped me tremendously... as an older student I was never taught this and now 20 years later I am in college and having some difficulties. Again thank you now I am off to a better start in writing my research paper.    Karen

My teacher informed us about your site during the course of a research project we had to do in class. I found it amazing how much the information and basic steps on your site were relevant to our project and how much it helped. Breaking the work into the small steps and doing them properly really taught me the essence of a proper research paper and didn't just help me for this project, but will be a help to future projects. So to round this off, I would just like to thank the authors of this site for an effective and valuable site which truly is helpful. Sincerely,    Christina

This site made it much easier to write my essay, especially the outline because all I had to do was write in the information, the form was alreadt laid out.     Jai-Aree Tongbor

This site was great! It guided me through all the steps that were essential to complete my 7 page research project! This site not ony helped me with the English project, but with all my other essays that i had to write for other classes! I was able to learn about the citations! I think i know how to do citations and how to do a "proper" research project! I know how to find good information and how to keep tract of them! This was my first time doing a proper paper like this one! I've never did an annotated bibliography or listed keywords to find the appropriate informaiton. Thank you so much for your help! It really was helpful and i know its going to help me through the rest of my high school year but also in my college school years!     Eunji Chung

First of all, I would like to thank the producer of this access. It has been really helpful to me. I thought the best thing about these tips sheet is it's clear and self-explanatory because it provides several examples on each tip sheet. The other thing that I thought was beneficial was the logical steps of the tips sheet. It made everything so much easier to just work it step by step. Even though in the start, i didn't understand why we need to do this or that, it all came together for me in the end, and made the actual write up of the paper extremely easy.     Michael Chen

This site has aided me throughout the process of writing my research paper. It's simple and clear steps helped me write a concise paper. One way this site may improve, is include a sample of an excellent research paper. Overall, however, I am very thankful and grateful to crlsresearchguide.org.     Dhruv


I thought it didnt work out that good because i couldnt find out how to cite a source. So it kinda sucked. My research paper is do tomorrow.     Anonymous

This site is AWESOME!! thank you!!     Anonymous

this is way too vague and is obviously made by a teacher or something. only hippie experimental, or new teachers use this pointless site. work on it so someome without a liberal arts degree can understand this garbage. GOODLUCK:)     doug

 i think this website is great! thanx for makin' it!!!!!!!!!!!     meme

i love this site!      Anonymous

FANTASTIC! Detailed, easy to follow and navigate. What a useful learning and teaching tool as well as a reference guide. Bravo!       Anonymous

very helpfull       mccook

This site is outstanding. I can't wait to use it to teach the research paper this year.     Sherri

tremendo trabajo.

(you are the best!!!. excellent job)      Anonymous

This site is outstanding. I can't wait to use it to teach the research paper this year.     Sherri

i like the example you have given us .     Anonymous

This helps to see it clearly. thank you thank you! now I feel ready to write it!      Anonymous

Very helpful and well organized!       Anonymous

I found you through Blue Web'n and used your site to guide my AP English Lang. and Comp. students through the research process. The students and I loved the way you laid everything out in small, manageable steps. The final projects were excellent. Thank you so much.     Anonymous    

I was doing a google search looking for information to shore up my notes on research and I found your site. I am going to share it with my librarian today so that she can bookmark it for kids to access in our media center.      Joanne Leavens

Thanks - I'm starting a research project in a few weeks on endangered species animals - the Science and English teachers, along w the school librarian also work w me on it. Several of your tip sheets will be useful to keep students and parents on track.     Susan Van Ness

This site was really useful and easy to use. The information helped me a lot. Maybe you could add a few more examples to the steps to make them clearer. Otherwise, good job on the site! Nidhi M.

thank you! now I feel ready to write it!       adriana

This site is AWESOME!! thank you!!       Holly Harwood

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!      Zehava

i dont think this website helps at all. i know all this already....its pointless. victor

Very interesting...very helpful! Very creative and able to be adapted to the standards.    Anonymous  

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