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CRLS Research Guide

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Big6 Skills™ Six


Ask these questions:

Is this paper any good?

You should be the first person to evaluate your own work. Ideally you will have finished your project in advance enough to check it thoroughly. After that, you could ask a classmate or family member if they have time to do it. Then,when you turn it in to the teacher to evaluate and grade, you will know it is the best work that you wanted to do.


Is my task finished?

1. Did I complete the assignment given by the teacher?

• Go back and review the assignment sheet again to be sure.

• Make sure that you have completed all the parts.

• Make sure that they are in the proper order.

• Make sure that you have identified the project with you name, your teacher's name, the date and any title if it applies. See Making a Title Page



How did I do?

This evaluation depends on a lot of different criteria. Some of the criteria might be written by the teacher in the assignment. Some of them might be artistic decisions like the effectiveness of an informational poster, or the literary quality of a play or poem. Some of the criteria are common sense.


Here is a list of the common sense criteria to evaluate for yourself.


1. Correct spelling

2. Overall neatness

3. Parts in a logical and correct order, nothing missing

4. Borrowed material properly cited

5. Any thesis statements or arguments have been supported


Once you have evaluated your work, you are ready to turn it in, hopefully by the due date.

Remember: Teachers will usually take off points for late work.

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