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CRLS Research Guide

Using a Table of Contents

Tip Sheet 7b

Ask these questions:

What is it and where is it found?

The table of contents is usually found at the beginning of a book after the title pages. It should list the chapters by name in their order of appearance in the book, along with the page numbers on which they begin.

Some teachers require you to write a table of contents for your research paper or project. In this case, make sure you number your pages, that you break up your work into sections (a good outline will help you with this), and that you name those sections.

When you are searching for information within a non- fiction book with chapters, the chapter titles can sometimes lead you to entire chapters that relate to your topic. If so, you just need to read those chapters from that book.

Sometimes however, authors give titles to their chapters that do not clearly reflect what kinds of information are in those chapters. In this case use the index.


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